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This website is a community driven organisation which aims to raise questions about the current COVID 19 pandemic and the legitimacy of the current emergency powers that have been granted that undermine our human rights, civil liberties and freedoms. As governments extend their emergency powers it is difficult to understand the grounds in which they do so with so few deaths and with all the vulnerable people in our community fully vaccinated.

We aim to uncover and present an alternative perspective that is being censored and discredited in main stream media and politics. With the total lack of open scientific debate between our governments and the general public, including, many credible medical and scientific professionals world wide, it’s imperative that we educate ourselves and look at the broader landscape of narratives with an open mind.

If people have, or suspect, that they have or are suffering from vaccine injury and wish to discuss with a member of CIIHA or make a testimonial please send us an email

Such a pleasure working with Oracle Films and to have them in Guernsey for Covid Conversations III. A fantastic moment here when Liam and Phil from Oracle received a standing ovation from the Guernsey crowd in respect of all of their hard work during the pandemic capturing what mainstream media has consistently censored, people fighting for their freedom and human rights. Also, a special thank you to Joys Productions for their excellence in managing the event and live stream!! What a fantastic team!


Seven minutes of pure fact, clearly showing that the covid "vaccine" is killing people.

Dr Tess Lawrie MBBDh, PHD

World class researcher and consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Recently she co-founded the BIRD Group; an international consortium of experts dedicated to the transparent and accurate scientific research of Ivermectin, particularly in relation to the treatment of Covid 19.

Dr. Carmen Wheatley

Cancer researcher Dr. Carmen Wheatley joins John-Henry Westen to discuss a safe and novel treatment for COVID: vitamin B-12.

Interview with Matt Le Tissier

Over the past twelve months the world has seen a disproportionate number of professional athletes fall victim to cardiac arrest. The numbers are alarming! Laura Anderson interviews Matt Le Tissier in this exclusive interview.

Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson is an actuary with broad international experience in finance, who has settled into a career as a private equity investor. He is a man of wide-ranging interests—an avid reader of canonical literature, a classical music aficionado, and an enthusiastic amateur ornithologist.

Dr. Robert Malone
Virologist and Immunologist

take a closer look at repurposed drugs like ivermectin and how a universal vaccination policy could actually backfire.


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