15,000 physicians and medical scientists globally have signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should NOT be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Are you considering vaccinating your child against COVID-19? Did you know the mRNA vaccines are largely experimental and once administered are irreversible and possibly permanently damaging? Children only suffer mild symptoms as a result of contracting the virus, and therefore, the vaccine is potentially more harmful to your child’s health than the virus ever could be.

 Dr. Robert Malone, speaks on behalf of these MDs and PhDs in this short statement. Having committed his career to vaccine development and efficacy its time we gave our time to this man and the many brave people who are trying to reach out to you but subsequently being censored by the main stream media.

Dear Residents of Guernsey,

Please consider all sources of information before vaccinating your child.

We represent a group of concerned Islanders from all walks of life, and would like to spread some good news regarding the pandemic we have been enduring for two years.

The good news is there is very little risk from this disease to all those in reasonable health, and particularly low risk for children.  Statistics show children as having  well over 99% and almost 100% recovery rate.  Also worth noting is that over 90% of children who are tested positive will experience NO symptoms at all, and the rest often just mild symptoms.

We would also like to allay fears that have spread that your children or grand children are a risk to the elderly or vulnerable. There is very little to no evidence across the globe that children with no symptoms have enough viral load in their nose or throats to spread the virus at all or that ‘asymptomatic’ transmission is a factor in this or any other pandemic.  Asymptomatic means without symptoms. We have been unable to find any verifiable evidence for this type of transmission, and an information request sent to the States of Guernsey yielded the result that they held no such evidence locally, and they linked to a page which did not cite any verified examples.

Q. Can you please provide the scientifically proven evidence of SARS‑CoV‑2 asymptomatic transmission, and also provide how many such proven cases there have been worldwide? (Where each case has been scientifically proven and verified)

A. It is impossible for Health & Social Care in Guernsey to provide you with that information as we do not collate statistics for worldwide asymptomatic transmission. There are many articles available on symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission. Here is one such example: Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: implications for infection prevention precautions (who.int) 

For transparency: The linked page they provided was this: https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/transmission-of-sars-cov-2-implications-for-infection-prevention-precautions

The page linked above discusses the possibility but does not document any proven cases, so we have to ask which verified data are they relying on locally to drive the isolation policy based around asymptomatic transmission?

Note: Many references are listed at the very end of the web page above, a couple of these references seem to mention studies from China.  The links we were able to follow don’t appear to offer evidence of proven documented cases of asymptomatic transmission and what is there seems to anecdotal only, and seemingly can not be verified. Studies from China will by policy be vetted by the Chinese Communist Party (an organisation known for human rights abuses against the population, abuses and imprisonment of racial and religious groups, widespread censorship and social credit systems).  Suffice to say this evidence is sitting on extremely shaky ground.

So this is great news, as Dr Malone says, your children no longer need to worry about endangering Grandpa.  Also much of the evidence that has emerged since last year seems to indicate that the virus strains in circulation are much milder than previously feared, and don’t warrant the response that we first had.  The response was the correct thing to do in early 2020 because we knew very little about the disease, but fortunately now we know MUCH more.

The UK Government after learning more about the disease was left with no choice but to state the following in March 2020: 

“As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.”

We believe at some point the CCA may have lost their way and overstepped the mark, we can debate the exact dates, but it is clear that during 2020 very clear evidence was there in the statistics showing Covid-19 being a milder disease than projected (massively milder when you consider the original projections from Neil Ferguson).

There is evidence now showing that much of the spike in deaths from March/April 2020 onward were in the elderly in care homes, many of whom were treated as per a new treatment regime implemented at the start of the pandemic, using large doses of Midazolam and Morphine, amongst other substances.  You may or may not know that this was the treatment regime for elderly Covid patients, and the starting  dosage was many times higher than previous recommendations, you may also know that Midazolam suppresses the respiratory system (breathing) and the cardiac system (the heart) and is used in palliative care, at the very end stage for end of life.  Is this the sort of thing you would want given to your elderly relatives who are hoping to recover?

As many of us know, one experienced local doctor who has been treating patients in the hospital, Dr Scott Mitchell, has resigned recently due to having other views on the pandemic response, specifically the vaccination of children.  He has quite rightly pointed out that risk to reward ratio for the vaccine to be administered to children does not make sense.

Another local doctor, who has been on the Covid ward from the start is General Physician and Cardiologist Dean Patterson, an experienced and practised medical professional who has added his voice to many doctors voices around the world who have questioned the Pandemic response. 

Scott Mitchell is part of the FLCCC Alliance, https://covid19criticalcare.com/ and is one of the doctors who have written to Chris Witty and also to the JVCI, these letters will be listed below.

We have also attached Dr Dean Pattersons’s letter below.

A letter to the CCA from Guernsey based Consultant General Physician & Cardiologist Dr Dean Patterson

Dear Mr Ferbrache, 

I write this letter with a burning conviction that I have never experienced in my 27 year professional career as a doctor, which has motivated me to relate my views regarding the public health proceedings that have unfolded over the past 18 months. I understand that in your position time is at a premium, however I urge from the outset, that you carefully consider the statements and recommendations below. I am one of a growing previously silent group of medical professionals, businesspeople and well meaning individuals, who up to now have been willing to give the “team in charge” of the pandemic, the benefit of doubt when we were faced with many unknowns. However the material facts relating to the core issues are now known and many untruths have subsequently been exposed. 

At present we all face a crossroads in our lives due to the clear and imminent danger of our freedoms and values being permanently, and irreversibly expunged. I make this profound statement for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed use of lockdowns and travel restrictions which were stated to be transient initially in march 2020 to “flatten the curve” are clearly going to be maintained by the incumbents as there is clear evidence of back tracking from the initial limited lockdown for a finite purpose, resulting in the destruction of many businesses, personal lives, and avoidable deaths through suicide and the delaying of critical medical and mental care. Urgent decisive action is required by yourself and the CCA to permanently move away from the use of travel restrictions, vaccine passports and lockdowns. In short the emergency status needs to be rescinded. Travel should be allowed with a health questionnaire and temperature check either upon departure, en route or on arrival. Those with a positive findings should be offered a medical opinion as to whether further investigation is required. We now have excellent treatment for early and late disease as well as a significant portion of the population vaccinated or having prior immunity. 
  2. The Covid 19 while a potentially lethal virus to some people with underlying health issues is not the pandemic that it was made out to be by the so called leading establishment epidemiologists across the world. The average infection mortality rate is only 0.2% for the whole population yet these “leaders” have failed us all and caused more harm through their obsessive, pessimistic and highly inaccurate modelling. Prior to 2020 the world lived with the corona virus and its mutations with good and bad years, as we did with influenza and other respiratory viruses. We humans live in a constantly evolving mutating environment, a carefully balanced ecosystem, that despite the attentions of epidemiologists over the last 50 years has resulted in who we are, and the planet around us. I do not believe public health has a role or responsibility towards human evolution and more importantly the evolution of my personal cultivated ecosystem, the microbiome in which you, me and every individual thrives.
  3. The Corona Virus 19 is a mutation of an endemic virus, and it will continue to mutate and evolve as all viruses do. If we allow ourselves to be mislead into believing the mainstream mantra, then the world as we know it will be controlled by a Biosecuirity State backed by a small group of unelected unaccountable elite globalists and their foot soldiers.
  4. The CCA has been led without interruption by medical team of Dr Brink (a virologist) with support from Dr Rabey (an anaesthetist). They have been backed up by a “medical cell” with representation across medical specialities. I have huge admiration of the CCA’s efforts from the start and during the initial phase, in particular for Dr Brink”s dedication and tenacity of approach to the outbreak. I have however realised that I need to voice my concerns, and my writing therefore is not to praise the many valiant efforts over the past 18 months but rather to focus upon the future. I feel that now is an appropriate time to review where we are headed. There has been an absence of open debate regarding the policies that have been implemented. I have been concerned from the start of this pandemic that there was no-one with real world clinical experience of dealing with patients with respiratory infections included at a top level. In addition the CCA and the medical leadership appear to have committed themselves to a policy that gives no exit from the current core strategy of viral variant/PCR test/”virus detection wave”/lockdown/repeat.
  5. I as a General Physician responsible for the care of hospitalized COVID patients have felt my views have not been given a fair hearing for the following reasons.
    1. I emailed Dr Brink on 27th march 2020 explaining my concerns that I felt a total lockdown was unnecessary due to the clear evidence for the pivotal early data from the quarantined cruise ship the Princess Diamond where there were 10 deaths out of a total of 712 patients who were infected giving an infection mortality rate of 1.4% . The average age of those that died was circa 75-78. I recommended based upon these data we should use a policy of focused protection and isolate the ill and those at high risk of from covid 19 mortality and morbidity. I had no response, while I can understand at that time she was very busy I felt that a response to that email should have been made as it was a serious enquiry from an experienced general physician.
    2. At Dr Brink”s first presentation at academic half day in the summer of 2020 I enquired what she thought of the Swedish approach to the viral outbreak. She had no real answer but dismissed their response out of hand, making mention that she would come back to it later. She never did but since then the final analysis of the Swedish approach has shown it to be the correct one with age standardised mortality ratio in 2020 being no different that the mean of the previous 5 years. In addition at the peak of the pandemic with schools open and no masks there was zero child mortality out of a total of 1.8million school children.
    3. It became clear later in autumn of 2020 that the PCR test upon which the management of covid was built had serious flaws. I requested information from the head of pathology at the PEH as to the accuracy of the covid PCR test. He specifically replied that the cycle threshold (CT) for the Guernsey tests were <38 and 40. A freedom of information request in 2021 on this matter sates that the CT being used is 40 and 45. There is now clear evidence that a CT above 30 is detecting background noise and not that of live viable virus. The inventor of the PCR technique Kary Mullis (Nobel prize winner) stated clearly that if you cutoff the upper limit at 20 everybody will be negative and at 50 everyone would be positive. On 21 May 2021 I requested from Paul Sutton that my personal PCR test results are listed on my medical record with the CT value used and the false positive and negative rates for the particular test used, but I received no reply.The PCR test must not be used alone to diagnose covid or indeed exclude covid. Guernsey has run many covid PCR tests the majority of which were done without the required clinical assessment.
    4. There has been no recognition that immunity from corona virus infection is long lasting. There are papers showing T cell immunity from patients 17 years after the outbreak of SARS 2004 (80% shared genes with covid 19) and similar papers now show that covid 19 recovered patients have excellent immunity too. There is good evidence that the background level of T cell immunity against covid 19 in the UK is 26%. There are now 2 validated T cell tests currently available, one from Oxford Immunotec (CE marked) at a cost of £65 per test and another from Adaptive Biotechnologies in the USA (FDA validation March 05 2021). Despite the above factors for unknown reasons it appears that patients in Guernsey who have just recovered from covid have been pushed to have the vaccination which has no scientific validation while T cell testing has been ignored as a strategy to determine people who are immune and do not require the vaccine. I have aired my concerns at the physicians meetings but have not received satisfactory explanation for the policy.
    5. At the Departmental Physicians meeting I voiced my concerns that the strategy of the CCA by relying on a poor PCR test will result in perpetual lockdown due to what’s known as a case-demic. With a low viral load in the population of 1.3% but a false positive rate that is 2.3% between 60% -70% of the results in the UK were in fact false positives ie 2.6-2.9 million of the 4.3 million positive tests. My physician colleagues agreed with my interpretation. I asked that my findings be submitted to the medical cell for comment and feedback.
    6. At the last academic half day presentation from Dr Brink I challenged her about the false positive rate and its dire effect on tests accuracy when the incidence of the virus in the community being tested is low. To my surprise Dr Brinks reply was completely incorrect in that she stated that the false positive rate would have very little effect. I am seeking a meeting with Dr Brink to get her clear views on this matter as a priority.
  6. I have over the last few months realised that the vaccination policy is flawed for the following reasons:
    1. The strategy of vaccinating all subjects is unheralded and not necessary. Only people at risk require the vaccine as covid 19 poses a very low risk to healthy people. We have never mandated vaccinating the whole population for influenza, so why vaccinate the healthy for covid?
    2. The vaccines have little long term safety data and have emergency use authorisation. We should never offer these vaccines to children or pregnant women. The safety data for these subjects will take much longer than that for a 75yr + person
    3. I have over the last few months seen increasing signal of major vaccine side effects which I have been reporting to the authorities and the Physicians group. I have written to the MHRA and the GMC to express my concerns. It is clear that these data are not reaching you. This includes 2 cases of myocardial infarction (incontrovertible proof of cause and effect), one serious myocarditis, one cardiovascular collapse requiring critical care admission, 2 cases of headache and mild neurological impairment with a severely raised d-dimer, one severe stroke and one case of large pulmonary embolism. I strongly believe there is a signal of damage to the cardiovascular system from the current vaccines. In addition we have seen inexplicable increase in the number of infections of the heart valve over the last 6 months to 6 cases while we normally see 1 case every 12-18 months. You can rest assured I have and will be raising my concerns about these issues with Dr Rabey and Dr Brink.
    4. The current Pfizer and AZ vaccines have emergency use authorisation and have incomplete phase 2 and 3 trials, due to complete in 2022 and 2023. When the trial data was submitted to the MHRA to enable their emergency use authorisation in late 2020, it would have been incumbent upon the drug company to inform the placebo group subjects of the potential benefit and offer them the vaccine. In addition over the last few months there has been a major drive towards vaccination of the whole population irrespective of the risk that covid poses to those subjects. In effect this means that the placebo group in these studies has been severely depleted meaning the power of the study to detect side effects has been severely reduced. Considering the high take up of the vaccine in the UK, it is highly likely that these safety data have been completely invalidated.
    5. This major failing of the safety studies taken together with the ineffectiveness of the MHRA and the yellow card scheme in being able to actually determine vaccine attributable safety signals, means it is incumbent upon me to draw these failings to the General Medical Council.
    6. As things stand I believe the de- facto failure of vaccine phase 2 and 3 studies, together with the MHRA’s inability to compensate for this crucial loss of study patient safety data, effectively means that the process of informed consent (where these vaccines are stated to be safe) for the subjects of the covid 19 vaccination programme is null and void. As such it appears that any doctor and healthcare worker employed in the current covid 19 vaccine programme is in breach of Domain 2 of the General Medical Council where a doctor must respond to risks to patient safety and contribute and comply to systems to protect patients.
    7. As the vital safety data for the phase 2 and 3 covid trials has been invalidated by the mandatory vaccination programme, the current use of the vaccines now constitutes a medical experiment.
    8. Patients being given the vaccine must be informed of this vital fact, as well as their rights under the Nuremberg code.

In closing you may be aware I have been closely involved with patient care as a General Physician in the management of the covid outbreak at the PEH site, but more importantly I have been analysing the impact of the CCA strategy and have serious concerns that I do feel require further discussion. I am sure you will have further questions which I will embrace with the fervour that motivates me to seek resolution to the impasse. Finally I wish to express to you that this letter in no way should be misconstrued as a criticism of any particular person or committee, but rather it is my assessment of how we can move forward as an island to a prosperous future. 

Yours sincerely, 


Dr Dean Patterson
Consultant General Physician & Cardiologist
The Medical Specialist Group and Princess Elizabeth Hospital 

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