To treat COVID 19 with known and proven anti-viral medication already proven and approved for many years. To end the pandemic through known safe and effective treatment.

Further to acknowledge, diagnose and treat those who are vaccinated and suffering from adverse reactions. To this end the GP’s must be educated in the use of known medications that are shown to work well by meta-analysis.

To acknowledge and treat the mental health problems that have increased exponentially.

To end the vaccinated privilege and unvaccinated incarceration on this Island.

To see and acknowledge that we have lost freedom through coercive policies.

Unvaccinated people should be treated in the same way as vaccinated. We want to see no discrimination for those who make informed choices about their health and no special rewards for those who are vaccinated.

To end coercion and restore our freedom of movement.

To lobby government members to end the state of emergency powers and return freedom and democratic rights to the people of the Channel Islands

Through sharing the research work of the worlds top scientists and doctors to inform the people through full and rounded scientific debate not simply a singular politicised narrative – that is not science

To end the climate of fear which has been used to enslave us.